Freedom to play

I wasn’t sure exactly where this art journal layout was going to go when I started but I love allowing things to flow. I started out with hot pink because I was feeling a bit sassy and lit up–like I wanted something that matched my mood. I also had an inclination that I wanted this … Continue reading Freedom to play

Thank You 2019

One of the things I love about art journaling is how things unfold naturally. I sat down this evening, the eve before New Year’s Eve, wanting to create a spread in my little manifestation art journal. I love using these smaller journals because they’re quicker to paint and seem more to the point. (Although I … Continue reading Thank You 2019

creative girls do it best

I haven't written in a while because I've been too busy art journaling (and writing a new novel). I hosted a creativity/artist retreat last weekend (my first one) and plan to blog about that, too. But today besides writing over 2000 words of my new novel for NaNoWriMo, I played in my art journal. I … Continue reading creative girls do it best

Forgiveness sets me free

This evening I decided to do an art journal spread based on forgiveness. We discussed the power of forgiveness in my manifestation class on Monday and I wanted to do something that reflected that class and what I learned. I've been a big believer in forgiveness for quite a few years now. I have finally … Continue reading Forgiveness sets me free

Dream Big!

I worked in my little manifestation art journal this week (5.25 x 8). The assignment in my manifestation class was to write down all our negative thoughts (like I'm not good enough) and flip them around (to I'm good enough). It's interesting because I did a similar exercise unprompted in my bigger art journal over … Continue reading Dream Big!

I am a successful artist!

I am finally claiming my power. Yesterday I started this layout after spending the afternoon with a good friend I hadn't seen in a while. I wanted to do a layout that would help to squash all my doubts and fears around stepping into my creative power (mainly with regards to my writing). I finished … Continue reading I am a successful artist!


During my creative girl adventures, I’m running across many things that I love that I want to share with you. Some of these have affiliate links (to amazon). I'll be adding to this as I run across more fun stuff. I'd also love to hear your favorites. Please comment with them below. ART JOURNALING I … Continue reading favorites

Dream Imagine Create

I've been having so much fun exploring the beautiful creative world of art journaling. I've been using The Art Journal Workshop by Traci Bunker as my guide. She also has videos on youtube showing her creative process. I love that she works intuitively and lets the page unfold while she's working it - allowing it … Continue reading Dream Imagine Create